IRC 005 - High-titer vs. low-titer plasma for the treatment of severe influenza A

***IRC005 has closed to enrollment at all participating research sites.***
Significant morbidity and mortality from influenza infections occur despite treatment with current antivirals. This randomized, double-blinded, multicenter phase 3 trial will assess the efficacy and safety of high-titer versus low-titer anti-influenza immune plasma in addition to standard care antivirals for the treatment of severe influenza A. Hospitalized subjects with severe influenza A will be eligible for study participation. Up to 40 sites in the United States will participate in this protocol. Adults and children may participate, and there is no exclusion for pregnancy.  A total of 150 eligible subjects will be randomized in a 2:1 ratio to receive either high-titer anti-influenza plasma or control (low-titer) plasma.
IRC005 is now open to enrollment in the United States. Pariticpating clinical sites are listed below, and sites will be added to this list as they open to enroll participants. Additional information about this study can be found at

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