IRC 002 - Plasma Therapy Study

Brief Study Description:  IRC 002 will evaluate the safety of using antibody based therapy with standard of care drugs and explore how effective this approach is in treating patients with influenza who are at risk for becoming seriously ill. The study is currently enrolling participants in the USA, who, if eligible, will be randomized to one of two groups: one group will receive standard of care (SOC), which is treatment with approved flu drugs; the second group will receive SOC plus two units of plasma compatible with their blood type which contain anti-influenza antibodies.


IRC 002 is currently closed to enrollment.


Additional information about this trial can be found on the website, under the title: A Randomized Open Label Phase 2, Multicenter Safety and Exploratory Efficacy Study of Investigational Anti-Influenza A Immune Plasma for the Treatment of Influenza A 

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